Wednesday, 19 June 2013

You've got to admire his balls.....

.... off to prison he must go again......

You can understand why society doesn't know quite know what to do with him, but locking him up..... is that really the answer ?...... Although I did find the story of his ex quite funny....

but with all these savillisms in society the natural [as opposed to naturist] argument is to shout at him..... put some bloody clothes on man !

At the same time of course, when you think about it, think really hard.... you do have to ask yourself..... what actually is he doing wrong ? I kinda like his style even if his approach is unorthodox.

He refuses to give in, refuses to be beaten and so the "law enforcers" see no choice but to bang him up...... I wonder....... if he wears no clothes in prison, do they have to paint the stripes on him to replicate the striped uniform that prisoners wear ?

I also find it funny that he is described as the naked rambler...... as if somehow he needs to be differentiated from un-naked ramblers..... are you a naked rambler ? ...... oooooh nooooo, I keep my boots on I'll have you know !

It seems Scotland is his choosen arena to fight the good fight, god help him when the Scots decree they are finally free of us ..... can you imagine Steve Goughs passport photo ?

I think on the whole, Steve Gough is a man trying to prove a point, is he doing it the right way ? who knows, who am I to say...... but I get what he means..... Steve I take my hat off to ya..... but that's all mind ya !

So my SoD must surely be inspired by 
The Naked Rambler

This was not my first choice song, but for my
first choice it led me on to so many other songs
so that instead, for Friday I shall offer up a 
Naked Rambler inspired PLoD