Friday, 9 January 2015

Happy Birthday......

to me !

call me a narcissist*.... but hey this is my day....
 my one day of the year me day

Now this song is about...... is about...... is about.......
 me you

* [Foot note - I'm called a lot worse on a daily basis but who gives a fook...]

A great quote from the fabulous Dustin Hoffman

I know it's written that I'm difficult. Barry Levinson - who I did four films with - told me that every press person comes up to him and asks, 'How do you work with that guy?' and he says, 'I've done nothing but extol what a privilege and fun it's been.' But not one interviewer has ever printed that. 

Look, the medical metaphor I use is......... it's like you're on a table for brain surgery and 
you're being wheeled in and the guy leans in and says, "Hi I'm your brain surgeon
 and don't worry - I'm not difficult, I'm not a perfectionist"

I am no different from the focus puller - you're either sharp or you're not.

I like Dustin Hoffman....