Monday, 26 November 2012

The thing about budget airlines is that they are.....

...... to the budget market....... but wizzair were very wizzy......except for one thing.... and to be fair it wasn't wizzair's fault and it can and does happen anywhere, even Ben Howard concerts....

There is one thing that drives me nuts, and that considering planes are confined spaces at the best of times, but oh my god, when someone decides to share with the rest of the plane the aroma of their f@rt !!

Why oh why do they think that we all want to share it......because for sure we do not want to share it !

One day, when in a confined space and I whiff the bouquet of some ones ar$e, I am going to stand up and declare that I do not want to smell them farting and would they please keep it to themselves. I already have my speech prepared.

I have not done it yet, and I think I will need to use the "3 strikes and you are out principle", except I shall apply the "3 farts and I stand up principle"

And yes this did happen at the Ben Howard concert and I very nearly stood up, but I didn't want BH to think I was referring to him.

So today and today only I shall rebrand WizzAir* to WhiffAir......

And as there already has been a SoD, as a homage to my un-identified passenger who thought he would share his f@rt......this is for you my friend

*[sorry wizzair, it really isn't your fault other than for the daft name]

[Fart Postscript: since posting this entry, I saw this on youtube....... I need a policeman to travel overseas with me next time me thinks.....]