Thursday, 22 November 2012

Word of today is.......

...... ephemeral......

for which I offer my thanks to Mr David Byrne......

a fitting word for blogging me thinks..... 

so in honour of DB here is the SoD to go with it....... 

[this song could never be called ephemeral]


And when you see and listen to that song 
which is almost 32 years old 
you soon begin to realise the talent that is 
Mr David Byrne

Like a fine wine he gets better with age. Seeing him live 3 years ago was something else. 

When he was this good 32 years ago, then you realise the genius of the man now. 
Still doubt me ?......well this bonus SoD track is proof were it ever needed 
that this man is a higher being than most........ 

It will of course mean that for the next 5mins and 18 secs 
you should do nothing but look and listen. 

Extend the play to full screen and crank up the volume, 
and for sure you will not have wasted 5mins 18secs of your life, 
but before the song ends I guarantee 
you will be nodding your head and taping your toes.

So waddya waiting for, hit the play button & take it away Davey Boy

........and let's get noddin and a tappin.......