Friday, 30 August 2013

Where do people now go to exchange their corn ?

... or for that matter where is grain now germinated in to malt ?

Now as the world debates the good cop, bad guys roles in Syria.... I thought I would focus on more mundane conundrums.

I could prattle on for hours and hours about Syria but in short, what I will say about Syria is...... Michael Gove is a fucking hypocrite of the highest order..... blathering on last night about some of his fellow MP's being disgraceful...... did he fucking blather on about the disgraceful slaughter of innocent men women and children killed at the hands of "western weapons"in Afghanistan and Iraq ? .....err..... erm...... err.... aaaah course not.... they were not slaughtered...... they were collateral damage.... how silly of me.... what a tosser he is ! If I was doing tosser of the day.... then that man, Micheal Gove would be the tosser of the day.....

No for today, I am left thinking where do all the people now go to exchange their corn and get their grains germinated as it seems all the corn exchanges and maltings have been turned into concert venues or gastro pubs.

One such malting is Snape Maltings. For anyone who finds themselves on a sunday afternoon in that part of Suffolk, you can do a lot worse than visit Snape Maltings. As it was, it was a Friday night I found my self visiting Snape Maltings.... to listen to the divine Staveley-Taylor trio of sisters.

One of their songs was a previous Friday desert Island SoD and so it was on this day last week, the Staves sang and strummed for my pleasure, usually at the same time. What was interesting about this gig, was the ticket said 7:30pm and by gove they meant it ! Usually such notation would mean the doors open at 7:30pm, so between then and the band moseying on stage 2 hours later you grab a pint or two....but nooooo this is Suffolk, this is Snape Maltings, so 7:30pm on the ticket, means plonk your arse on your seat at 7:30pm ready for the Staves to appear on stage at that time. Thankfully, we made it.

So I got home from work at 6pm, managed to get funked up, drive to Snape, have a 2 course meal, watch the Staves live, and be back in one of my local pubs by 9:30pm..... that's one thing in favour of bands coming on stage the time the ticket says !

The Staves sing some gentle little numbers and whilst I am happy to see raucous bands, even bands with a singing penis..... I am also partial to some of the more gentle songs about life.... and the Staves delivered that.... well worth a visit to see them live if you like that sort of music.... [be warned they do witter on abit between songs....and of course being sisters, they think their sisterly banter is funny..... sometimes it's not... honestly ladies.... it isn't]. 

But as for their singing....well fab..... If you don't get to see them live, then at least buy the album Dead Born and Grown.

So here is this weeks Friday Sod
and not a germinated grain in sight.....
right I am off to exchange some corn..
assuming there are any proper corn exchanges left........