Monday, 30 December 2013

Skiing is not good for your health......

.......  you only just have to look at the list of celebrities who can testify to that [although they will need access to a Mitch Albom Phone to let you know ] .... I am sure that the list of non celebrities is much longer than that... but it seems that as they are not celebrities, there appears no incentive to record in one place their demise..... but they do get recorded, only a couple of days ago ......

Michael Schumacher evokes strong opinions about him, not all favourable....... but I am a strong supporter of his Ferrari Days.... he was part of my memorable weekend in Monza a few years back.

At the end of his glory years with Ferrari, in his final season I took my daughter to Silverstone, and me being me, got my daughter into the pit lane, but not just any old pit lane, this was a M&S pitlane.... my daughter stood in the Ferrari garage, next to Michael Schumachers Ferrari F1 car.... that doesn't happen every day. Michael Schumacher was no where around, but that didn't matter I still got a photo of my daughter and him together in the same shot...... to be fair he was sort of photo bombing her whilst driving an F1 car, but at least she can say she has a photo of her and Michael Schumacher together [sort of].

Things are not looking too good for Michael Schumacher at the moment ...... I hope he makes it through .... just like the great Felipe Massa ... it is possible to overcome a serious head injury...... but I do hope that Michael Schumacher is not added to my list ...... it's his 45th birthday on Friday.

I might be a crap driver [can't ski either.... thankfully] but there is something I share with him.... we are both Capricorns.... if he is a true Capricorn, he will not give up.

 {source - Guardian newspapers}