Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Which party do you fear.......

... in the past I have described myself as apolitical ...but thinking about it, that must be wrong......

I feel nothing but contempt for our current crop of political leaders we find ourselves stuck with....of course we have the politicians we deserve....but when it's Nick Clugg, Dave Notafuckingclueron or Ed ....erm ....Ed erm...now what's his name ?  erm..... any way that Ed bloke fronting the labour party.... well they are all knobs....

So seeing the trouncing they got from UKip does make you wonder if finally the political establishment of recent years has final got the kick up the arse it needs...and deserves.... and so thinking that, I came to the conclusion that I am not apolitical after all..... I do care about who runs this country.....

Regardless of your stance about UKip the one thing you can say about these results is that it has finally demonstrated that the voting public can actual say to the ruling elect, .......fuck you.... we can vote you out of office.....and if that means using a party with no real substance then we will do it......

It pains me to say it, as I loathe the man for his lies over Iraq, but on radio 4 this morning Tony Blair did raise a valid point....and that was for all the UKip rhetoric and hype.... the reality is they have no answers...... but for this week at least, they have given the conliblab twat party a deserved kick up the arse....and who knows in the Newark by-election it might even extend to a poke in the eye....

Time for a SoD
me thinks
what other could there be ?

god bless you Billy

For a man who can deliver
a song as wonderful as this
why did you go so soon ?

[bowie's was good, but this is gooder still]

And for out and out Bill Mack fans here is
another great bowie cover
[albeit that wild is the wind
was first done by Nina Simone]

[Billy Mack postscript]

since first lodging this post I have been listening to Billy as I work
so here is one of his own offerings
as one commentator says
the dogs bollox