Thursday, 27 November 2014

Do you know John Dewhirst ? ..........

.... funny how we view the news and think that what has happened today only happened today....

We are told by Theresa May what an evil threat ISIS / IS / ISIL {delete as appropriate} is.....  she warns us that we must act, that the British Government must act, to protect us from this evil.... and of course to protect us what do our government do ? they save us from ourselves... Theresa May comes across as a very noble woman arguing just cause in mainly male dominated world of British English, Welsh, Cornish, Northern Ireland politics and as the daughter of a vicar, you would not question her motives.

We now have Facebook as the pariah of Lee Rigby's death, an awful act of utter madness was his death and yet the media are now intent on turning the blame to Facebook.

Also the murders of James Foley ~ Ali al Sayyed ~ Steven Sotloff ~ David Haines ~ Abbas Medlej ~ Hervé Gourdel ~ Alan Henning ~ Raad al-Azzawi ~ Peter Kassig, these were not deaths done in the name of a just cause, they were deaths done out of shear utter insanity.

So there I sat last night, channel flicking with the TV buttons and on BBC 4..... The Killing Fields. So I thought I would watch it, I have at some time or another seen it, and I am aware of the content subject, but it is a powerful movie and I would watch it for what it is.

As the brutality on the screen unfolded with Cambodia descending into what can only be described as some form of Dantes Inferno... you think surely it wasn't that bad, so then you turn to the net... and christ not only was it that bad, as shown in the Killing Fields, but in true life it was worse..... a whole lot worse.

In fact it was that bad the Khmer Rouge under the control of Brother #1 Pol Pot make ISIS merely look like the left wing off shoot of the Women's Institute.... rank amateurs at that.

I can't say that in my formative teenage years I was that switched on to world affairs, and until 1979 at the tender age of 16.5 years old I had never been abroad. So as the year zero was being introduced by Pol Pot, I didn't notice much about it at the time. Truth be known it seems not much of the world knew [cared] about it either.

Maybe the thought was that as Pol Pot and his croonies were imposing this barbaric misery on Cambodians it didn't really affect "us".

But that's the thing it wasn't just Cambodian's who suffered.

John Dewhirst ? No ? Well I didn't know about him until last night.

John Dewhirst was an Englishman, the son of a head teacher father and shop owner mother, and the only "mistake" in life he appeared to have made......... was to be on a small sailing boat with 2 friends that drifted in close by Cambodian waters. Their boat was immediately seized, one man Stuart Glass was shot dead immediately and John Dewhirst and Kerry Hamill taken to the mainland.

These two men were tortured and murdered in a most brutal manner. John Dewhirst was 26 years old when he died.

Here is a picture of John Dewhirst

Here is a picture of James Foley

They look like they could be brothers, they died 36 years apart, they died brutal deaths, they died at the hands of madness.

It is said that under the rule of the Khmer Rouge a quarter of the population were slaughtered.... some were even murdered just because they wore glasses......

When I say that it was a whole lot worse than shown in the killing fields, here is some idea how worse it was....... in Prison S-21 they cut people open whilst they were awake, conscious and without anesthetic and removed their vital organs...... they drained people of their blood and they waited to see how long it took before they died with no blood in their veins....  The world bangs on about how bad the Nazi's were, but I reckon those running prison S-21 can give any Satanist a run for his money.

Imagine that the quarter of the population of a country, for the UK that would be like making around 16,250,000 no longer of this life..... imagine the impact that would have. Do you wear glasses ? I do, so that's me fucked then.

We live in a world full of contradictions, 
these contributors are working 
for a very noble and just cause

I like their message, but can we live this life ?

But one thing is for sure,
today Cambodia is a different country that
John Dewhirst had the misfortune to end in

This time yesterday did I know John Dewhirst ?


but today I know who John Dewhirst was


Not really a song of the day moment or owt like that
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