Thursday, 15 October 2015

Don't choose a life ...... live a life .....

As part of my preparation for Operation Pompeii, I was drawn to the Movie ...... The Way

It chronicles the tale of a father's quest to complete the pilgrimage of El camino de Santiago .... all as a result of his son losing his life on the first leg of his own attempt of the journey

In real life the man playing the father ..... Tom Avery ..... is non other than Martin Sheen who has completed the pilgrimage ..... he did it with his own grandson.

Martin Sheen first came on to my radar in one of my all time great movies ....... Apocalypse Now..... don't you just love the smell of napalm in the morning ? ......

But in this movie ..... The Way...... he plays a wonderful role.

It is true, the movie is short on fast car chases, there are no rampant sex scenes and the violence is well .... almost not there, but what a gentle wonderful tale of the coming together of different lives.

To once again, steal the line from Mitch Albom ...... There are no random acts.... you can no more separate one life from another than you can separate the breeze from the wind ......

So if you fancy accepting a recommendation from a stranger ..... then seek out the ..... The Way ..... and let the real world drift over you.

I can't imagine I will ever complete the El camino de Santiago..... but I can see myself riding a bike to Pompeii .... If the sound track for my trip is half as good as in The Way .... then the ride will be to be enjoyed .....

First we have
from his sublime first album
[aren't all first albums sublime]
It's non other than .....

Then we have a former SoD
the very very naked
but blurred in all the wrong places

and to end with, we have

the ethereal Nick Drake

Nick came along and was lost too soon
Then along came My Elvis to replace him, but he too was lost too soon

But at least wonderful {not of this world} songs of the day
like this one
were left for all time ....

as a bonus track and whilst not from the movie
it is yet a beautiful Nick Drake rendition