Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wild ? He was absolutely livid.....

........ seeing this story aaaaaagain I wonder why is it this same crappy story gets repeated time after time....the same image of a bloke out for a walk in a bear suit happens to get photographed by some walker out randomly taking photographs, and these photographs are always somewhat grainy and blurred.

You have to ask you self ....why bother...  no one seriously believes this sh1t any more do they ? No more than the Loch Ness Monster if you ask me.

We now live in an electronic world that makes it easy for anyone to fake it, a shallow world of the insecure clinging to the untruth in the hope that it might make the impossible more believable.

Of course the newspapers, which ever chooses to run the particular story, are happy to write about the sh1t fed to them, because quite frankly if they challenged every story, every aspect, they'd have nothing to report.

But seeing this latest report on big - foot, you just cannot get out of your head the Mel Smith being interviewed with the Gorilla routine. Seeing his demise last week you forget just what a funny bloke he gave out to be. Even all those years ago you can still laugh today at the stupidity of the humour..... There is nothing really new in the mind of people, so now claiming to have taken a photo of the real big foot, you may as well just go through the archives and cut a paste a photo from there.

So my thoughts of Mel Smith are captured by this sketch [very two Ronnies I know] but still very well delivered non the less.