Friday, 19 July 2013

You can say what you want......

.... remembering my body embrace with Sharleen on Jools Holland .... ok not so much body embrace as standing next to me..... I was again reminded on another of her fab tunes.... so this is my desert island SoD.....

oh sharleen ....oh sharleen
you can say what you want.....
but I feel the same about you too x

and oh Lisa, oh Lisa........
 of course I will be your husband,
how could you think otherwise ? x

I think all this sun on my desert Island has
affected my brain and turned me
into a serial bigamist,

because oh Camille , oh Camille if you don't
want to live on Mars
come and live with me on
my desert Island....
at least I won't need to take my
protein pills or put my helmet on x