Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Start

There are, estimated I hasten to add, some 7 Billion people alive on earth as I type these words. But I would like to think there is only one of me. Alas if only that were true. We are not unique we are products of our DNA, and whilst it is true that DNA is a very good differentiator, it does not make us the only one of me. Take my real name designated at birth; there are at least 8 people in my county who share my of these, whom is a convicted downloader of child porn no less...... but I am free of any guilt angst when I say it was not me..... for sure it wasn't.... it was another named like me.

So for all my belief that I have something new and unique to say by blogging I am not unique and my words are not new......they are just the random words mixed up in my head and then re-arranged into sentences posted on to this blog, for which the narcissist in me [which is in us all], hopes that at least one person out of the 7 billion still alive [excluding me of course] finds it worth while spending time to read the transcription of my mind ramblings.

Ist July 2012 - My first ever blog

And so this is my SoD