Tuesday, 10 July 2012

you couldn't make this up......

.... although who knows may be you could........

News reports of a gunman on the loose* wanted for shooting off duty Police officer.....

Whilst the Police say:

Public advised not to approach wanted man, Peter Reeve, 64, who is thought to be armed ....and ....have told residents of Clacton-on-Sea to stay indoors.

One neighbour was reported as saying:

he was a ‘nice chap’ and a ‘very smart man’........ and get this...... He probably has the nicest decorated flat in the whole place

So there you have it, god only knows what sort have rampage he would have gone on had he not decorated his flat so well !

[*Footnote: seems by the time of publishing this entry, news reports suggest, he might not be on the loose after all and looks like he won't have the nicest decorated prison cell either]