Tuesday, 31 July 2012

sticks and stones may ......

...break my bones.... but woe betide you.... should you chose to abuse me on twitter....

Cause if you do.... you will be arrested !

Forgetting, whether it is morally reprehensible or not to make such comments about Tom Daley and his dad, you seriously have to question if it is the role of the police in such circumstances. Society should be grown up enough to judge and dismiss bigots without resorting to the judiciary.


And then when you think things can't be any sadder, you find the police doing this..... and then you seriously start to question the morality of the police.... are they really there to find lost sun glasses !! seriously WTF is that all about ?


When my car was broken into and my mince pies* were stolen, were the police interested ? answers on a post card will not win any prizes.....when my garage was broken into...did they arrest the man who they know did it...... not on your nelly !! Now if the thief [s] had abused me on twitter to say my mince pies were shite or that my garage was in such a mess they couldn't find much worth while to nick then maybe, just maybe I might have got a result.....

So be warned, next time you want to vent your spleen in public...think to yourself...is it really worth it...take my advice and stick to nicking mince pies instead.... the punishment is non existent **

So my song of the day for today must surely be:

*[Mincepie footnote 1: - They were not just any mince pies, they were M&S mince pies and I was so looking forward to eating them, on the journey home after seeing the new year fireworks on London embankment. Daft thing is they took my mince pies and left the brand new, still in the box digital camera, so it wasn't sooooo bad, notwithstanding just how much I love pies !]

**[Punishment footnote 2: - I have a clear policy for miscreants, which I know will work, so I will post that on another day. Trust me it is good and it is effective]