Thursday, 9 August 2012

make your own sound track moment.....

...... now it sounds easy.... but its not.....

We all listen to music as we do things...other stuff...and sometimes the music is just humming in the back ground, some times we might sing along, and sometimes we even sing and dance*.

But they are not sound track moments.....

How many times have you watched a movie, and wondered what would it be like if that happened in real life ? now of course I am not talking orchestra's and crashing waves during those ...ach um... you know those.... when you're doing it...ach erm you know.... yes you know.... any way orchestra's playing then would be just toooooo cheesy.

This was my sound track moment:

There I was at the airport on my way home from the Netherlands and the flight was delayed...... and so bored witless at Schipol Airport, I did the usual, picked up whiskey bottles and compared the price to home [realising that duty free is no longer duty free even if we still call it duty free !]....

and so after exhausting the delights of Duty Not Free,  I turned to my iPod for solace. Not long before my flight was due to board I had been texting my wife with the usual I'm bored texts...... and then the typical text conversation takes place, and then I hit upon the idea and picked the track. Now the strange thing about Schipol Airport is that to get in the departure lounge you do not go through security and you only go through the rigmarole of shoes and belt removal, and bag rummaged [along with the occasional rub down] after duty not so free, and just before you about to board the plane.

So I selected the song and then texted my wife the idea. I told her to find the same song on her iPod and when I text her the word or "go" she is to hit the play button for this song the same as me.

Getting the timings right I sent the word "go". And so at that very moment me and my wife were listening to the same song at exactly the same time, but in totally different locations.

And the song ? Oh my what a great song it is. To be fair in his video, as clever as it may be, matching the meaning of the song to the imagery, he did kinda nick the idea from the master Cohen** [yes Leonard Cohen's influence impacts again] but nevertheless I will let Tom off simply because the song*** is so wonderful.

Here's the song and then I explain the impact:

[note that the ar$e$ at EMI have blocked the official version of the video so I have to use this link on youtube which is the same video/song but opens in a new window thats all]

So there I am, in my head listening to this magical song, knowing my wife is listening to it at the same time, and yet I am walking through the airport lounge and then stood in a queue of people waiting to go through security, and then still listening, the song is juxtaposed with the image of all these people semi undressing and putting their discarded belts/coats/shoes/computers on the conveyer belt.

Played blast loud, listening with Sennheiser IE6 headphones, walking through Schipol Airport, there are very few songs to match this one for a sound track moment.

Did I know this StM would work when I suggested it to my wife****...... not on your nelly....... did it work..... well it worked...... and proof positive that you don't have to wait for a movie to have a sound track moment..... you can make your very own...... all you need is a great song, a great location and viola !

*[Song and dance footnote 1: - tomorrow I will post a great video where someone has matched a song and dance together, which on paper should not work, but my oh my..... it is just so ...... well I know it won't disappoint]

**[Cohen footnote 2: - The great man Leonard will get a post all of his own, but it will be a long one as his influence stretches far and wide]

***[Better footnote 3: - Now don't get me wrong I am not anti boy bands, or boyzone but don't listen to their version of Better ....why ? because it is sh1te that's why, even if they are better known for it than Tom baxter]

****[Shared experience footnote 4: - As it was, my wife was listening to the same song at the same time as me, but she had a different visual experience to me, so I am not sure that vicarious StM's work in that way, so she may well never have "seen" it the way I saw it...... but one golden rule of making your own StM, they are a private affair and as selfish as it may appear, they are yours and yours alone]