Thursday, 16 August 2012

two effin fords .........

....... I love the english language for the many things it throws up, recognising that of course that the english language is in a way, somewhat of a misnomer as it is riddled with lots of other words from other non english languages and to some extent is an amalgam of many different languages, but what caught my eye yesterday was someone's name.... strange I have never noticed before.......the name ?

Natalie Fforde 

Now seriously what is the point of those two F's and come to tthinke of it why have an 'e' at the end as well. You would have to say to yourself, why oh why am I spelling my name this way.....obviously one of the most Ffundemental reasons why you are spelling it this way is because that's the way it's shown on your birth certifficate and that's how you show you are related to your parents, Mr & Mrs Fforde, but other than that I can ffind no logical reason for it.

Search the internet for the reason and it seems no one else can either. Yeah yeah I know they all talk about its origins blah blah..... but many names were thought up when most of the populous were only have to look at some of the earliest census records to see how people's name were spelt in a variety of different ways.... but no one actually offers the precise reason ffor two f's and one e.

But just imagine, every time you introduced yourself you'd be saying........ oh hello, my name is Natalie Fforde, that's with two F's and an 'e' the end, and most likely as not the reply will be.......oh how strange I never realised Natalie had a 'F' in it let alone which which you retort [in a slightly irritated voice  as you have had this conversation for your whole life] it's two effin Ford........... to which the other person with a look of indignation shouts ......don't you swear at me !  ..... leaving you to think........why oh why could I not be a heir to the motor car empire and be called Natalie Ford like any normal Pperson.

So my song today is about the absurdity of having something that shouldn't be a trampoline in a field, and were it not for that absurdity, then we couldn't enjoy this fab bed bouncy thank you Natalie Fforde, for carrying your superfluous letters with pride.