Tuesday, 14 August 2012

the trouble with narcissists is ......

.... they spend far too long in front of the mirror !!

I wonder just how may times Victo..... ach erm .... Queen Victoria stood in front of the mirror practising this pose -

I loved the olympics and all credit to those who showed greater skill than I ever could have, but please oh please, every time we reminisce how wonderful our medal winners were/are, can we please not see this image repeated time after time....why do we have to honour this self indulgent clap trap on the part of our illustrious cyclist, non other than Ms Pendleton. By all means recognise her proven talent[s] on the track but this is just cringe worthy....... and what followed the heart making symbol was even worse..... keep it to ya sen luv !

so today my song for vicky is: