Tuesday, 4 March 2014

It is not only great motor racing drivers like.....

...Michael Schumacher who can succumb to falling down.

After lodging my earlier post today, I saw this report about a young man called Michael Handley.

 {source: daily mail}

He was not famous, perhaps to his family maybe, but as a young man he had the world at his feet.

But now as a result of this accident he lost the chance to be a young man grown old.

There he was enjoying a high octane past time, fell over and yet never woke up. How many young men every day enjoy snow boarding and fall over....... but they do wake up.

The simple act of falling down and yet it has such devastating consequences

So it is not only great racing drivers that can instil a degree of sadness for a complete stranger, in truth we see these stories every day...... I think of Michael Molloy as I type......  

But today it's the reflection of the act of falling down and it's relationship with fragility of life.

Mic Christopher was another young man who fell down and never woke up. 32 years old, a musician from Ireland, fell over one night in Groningen, Netherlands and that was it.

After his death, some of his musician friends got together and compiled his music into a fantastic album.

It's not really a post for a SoD but I think it is worthy of recognition of the great music lost with Mic Christopher....... here is a couple of tracks from the album. To be honest I could have chosen any they are that good.

If you like these songs then I urge you to buy the album, it will not disappoint. The only disappointment you will have, is knowing that there is no more new music to come from him.

It is only co-incidence that today's post[s] have a Michael/Mic theme......... the sad truth is what ever your name, one day you can fall over and never wake up.

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