Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The man who fell to earth......

... the joke doing the rounds of the internet is they can read my text but they can't find a 300 tonne plane.....

But then I heard a news item on BBC radio today revealing yet another Snowden leak, it got me thinking.

The story can be read here. A notable quote is thus:
The US government has reportedly built a system that can record every phone call made over a month in an undisclosed foreign country.
The National Security Agency (NSA) programme was created in 2009, the Washington Post reported.
Fugitive intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, who leaked details of the system, promised more revelations.
Civil liberties groups called the report "chilling", but US officials would not comment.
An NSA cover slide used for an internal briefing on the system, known as Mystic, shows a cartoon wizard wielding a staff with a mobile phone at the top.
'Time machine'
Mystic is the only known US surveillance programme to capture every single call across a nation's telephone network, according to the Washington Post.
There are many conspiracy theories/theorists awash on the internet, but one follows the theme that Snowden and Assange are double bluffs......  That actually the US can't do half the shit it is being claimed they can do, but they want this shit out there to make everyone think they can do this shit, so they have stooges releasing this shit. It is documented that the theories of UFO's in the 1950's & 1960's were allowed to perpetuate in order to hide the development of secret aircraft by the US military.

So think about the joke again.... it is claimed that the USA can record every single phone call in a certain country over a month and yet they truely can't find this plane..... a plane who's engines talk electronically to the engine builders, telling the engine builders {inter alia} when the engine needs a service and it's arse wiping...... I have no idea as to the number of phone calls made in any one country in any one month, but to record every one of them ?

Now if the US can record all those phone calls, then who knows then maybe they can't find the plane because it is aliens that abducted the plane. Here is a very credible account of the possibility. I am more and more becoming convinced that aliens may well have taken the plane.*

It was Sherlock Holmes who said ......
When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth
Watching that documentary about aliens..... The man who fell to earth, they may well already be amongst us....

So to close out
with today's theory
here is a fantastic song
from that film,
From Roy
one of my all time favorites

and for any excuse to play David Bowie
an equally fantastic song

*{Theories postscript: Theories and jokes a side, I hope for the families of those on board, and perhaps most particularly for those on board, I hope the real reasons for it's disappearance be established. I had never been abroad until I was 16 years old and now 35 years later, I have lost count of how many plane rides I have made since then. I jump on a plane like we jump on a bus or train, but we always assume we will get off safe and well at the other end..... there but for the grace of god go I}