Monday, 28 April 2014

Belle du semaine .........

.... posting the icicle works last week..... I was reminded just how many songs there are with girls names..... The list is quite large but my first encounter with such songs was Tom Jones and Delilah..... as a child of the 60's my parents were fans of Tom..... there are lot's of other obvious ones, but hopefully not so obvious...

So this week is a week of girls names..... the choice is not every song there is, because simply they are my choice of names, and my choice of songs...... but click away and if you like my SoD's I bet you find a song or two you might like......

Pick a name.... any name

                                                       Joanna                                                      Grace

                          Sarah                                                                        Patsy

Emma                                                                                            Mary

                                                                                Karen                         Diana

                                    Matilda                                                                           Valerie

                   Cecilia                                               Sarah [redux]             

Gloria                                                                                                    Jane [redux]

                                       Alison                               Maggie

        Suzanne                                       Angie                                       Grace [redux] 

Do you like what you are doing ?   

                       Would you do it some more ?