Friday, 14 December 2012

Shame on you.....Mr Blair.....

....shame on you !!...

If proof were ever needed as to why this


should never be allowed back on to front line in politics in England, then this must be the final irrefutable reason.....

There can be no doubt that the world changed forever on 9th September 2001, and on that fateful day we sat and watched lives extinguished with the swipes of 747's. There can be no doubt the sense of out rage that day........ Was that the day that this


lost his moral compass ?

Since that fateful day, how many more innocent lives have we witnessed being lost, in the name of this


politics....... but his stunt with Gaddafi was buried somewhere deep in the cesspit of his morality.

Tony Blair presided [in a self glorifying Presidential way] over a Labour government that sanctioned the kidnapping of 2 Libyans and their families and used British Tax payers money and resources to hand over these victims to the then Libyan regime all in the name of commerce, to win access to lucrative oil resources.

Tony Blair of course went one better, and tacitly permitted the Lockerbie Bomber 
Abdelbaset al-Megrahi to be released from a Scottish Prison. Alex Salmond was a strong supporter of the decision to release....was this on account of another secret deal done by Blair on Scottish Independence  ??? 

Anyway a lot has been written about al-Magrahi about whether he was the actual bomber or not, but what I do know is, that at the time of his release he had been convicted in a court of law as being the...... or one of the bombers of Pan Am flight 103 on 21st December 1988.  

So how ironic [or should that be moronic] that this 


should allow a guilty man to be released from British custody and then arrange for the rendit* ....ach erm..... kidnapping of 2 innocent men and their wives and children [yes children......SHAME ON YOU BLAIR !] ....kidnap innocent people and then hand them over to the brutality of Gaddafi.

This all only came into the public domain, because Gaddafi was over thrown with western allies support.

And what did the authorities say yesterday when commenting on the £2.2 million payout.....

In a statement, a spokesman for the Foreign Office said: "We can confirm 
that the government and the other defendants have reached a settlement 
with the claimants. There has been no admission of liability and no finding
by any court of liability."  [bbc news web site]

Absolutely shocking, it was that last sentence that got me, and we wonder why we have such p!ss poor politicians in this country......sometimes I think we get the government we deserve.

As for Jack should be ashamed of your self too......

Reacting to the Saadi settlement last night, Mr Straw said: “At all times 
I was scrupulous in seeking to carry out my duties in accordance with the 
law, and I hope to be able to say much more about all this at an appropriate 
stage in the future. [independant online news]

What sort of wooley mouthed sort of inexcusable excuse is that ? Jack....
yes you Jack !..... 
are you on some sort of mind bending medication ?

But what makes the Libyan story even worse, is that we ......YES US...the tax payers will be responsible for the funding of this settlement [and many more to come..... you see].....

but this 


has earnt sh!t loads of money, and I mean sh!t loads on the public speaking circuit, so if anybody should be paying this compensation then it should be him !!


*[Rendition: ....Rendition is a terrible word..... it is used by Governments to make something illegal sound soooooo innocent..... my arse it is !]