Saturday, 23 March 2013

PoD...... (redux)


In the night

we drank green tea from Chinese bowls

and listened to the reed singing of separation.

Outside a lion slept.

In the morning

the wind rose….

…and touched our feet.

Clare Holtham

[Footnote {updated}: This is was the whole album Spirit of Eden, and to split one track from this album should, I think, be made a criminal offence.....but it seems that's all I can link to....{update} the full album can be listened to here........
but  if before you have only heard talk talk scream talk talk at ya...then you should buy this album, wait till it's dark and everyone has gone to bed, turn off the lights, put on your head phones, fix a stiff drink, and listen to spirit of will not, not never, disappoint...... I tripped up over this album a few year back..... and yes I did like talk talk's earlier techno stuff...... but this album....oh my word.....this album, I think matches the words and thoughts of Clare Holtham....what an extraordinary life..]