Tuesday, 29 January 2013

here's a puzzle.....

..... Egypt once again hits our news radar.... I have a number of on going work projects in Egypt.....

What's the answer to this puzzle ?

Over the weekend around 30 people died, whilst protesting at death 
sentences imposed on 21 people, imposed for the death of 74 people, 
who had been killed at a football match in Port Said in February 2012.

How does that work ? I wonder if the person who carried out the very first act of killing at that football match realised that in effect, he [possibly a she, but unlikely] was triggering a sequence of events, whereby another 73 people would shortly die, that in turn would lead [potentially] to another 21 people dying, which again in turn did [actually] lead to 30 people dying.

What was that about the butterfly effect again ?

I exchanged some emails with a colleague in Alexandria yesterday, commenting on the troubles seen on our news, and she replied saying.....that, yes it was worrying, but not even the Egyptians can understand the reasons why ........