Tuesday, 15 January 2013

We really don't deserve.....

...the politicians we get....... do we ? honestly do we ?

I sat there watching the Inside Out program on BBC1 and one of the articles was about the British Government refusal to allow WWII veterans from receiving a Russian Bravery award, for the service they provided in the Baltic during the second world war.

The Russian Government now [even after some 70years] want to recognise the bravery of these men......and what do our dickhead government say...oooh it's too late now.

David Cameron [boo and hiss at this point] says.....oooh we'll give em one of ours.....but that's not the sodding point you tw@t....... the Russians want to say...thank you.... and so ya dickhead, let them say it....ar$e !!

I know something David Cameron doesn't...... the Baltic at sea in winter is an unforgiving place ..... in my younger days at sea on oil tankers, I served in the Baltic in the winter, and bejesus it was rough, cold and unforgiving..... but these veterans know something that I don't.....they know what it was like to experience the Baltic and to live in fear of their life everyday, during this time in the war, with all the crap the Baltic offered and on top of which the Germans were bunging effing huge lumps of explosives at them !

For just the merchant navy [and these MN men were not enlisted], Britain lost 2,500 ships and a minimum of 25,000 men and so add to that the Royal Navy losses, it is a wonder these men survived the war to be offered a medal, it is a greater wonder that they are still alive now to be cheated of this one last act of humanity....and why ? I will tell you why...... because of the arseholes of politicians we have in this country !! We do not deserve them, the cheated veterans do not deserve them.

So I have signed the petition:

In Memoriam
Merchant Navy 1939-1945
No cross marks the place where now we lie
What happened is known but to us
You asked, and we gave our lives to protect
Our land from the enemy curse
No Flanders Field where poppies blow;
No Gleaming Crosses, row on row;
No Unnamed Tomb for all to see
And pause -- and wonder who we might be
The Sailors’ Valhalla is where we lie
On the ocean bed, watching ships pass by
Sailing in safety now thru’ the waves
Often right over our sea-locked graves
We ask you just to remember us.