Wednesday, 10 April 2013

she was only a grocers daughter.........

...... the start to my adult life was a product of the Thatcher years..... I had grown up in the crappy Old Labour years, and witnessed the winter of discontent....and then at 16.5yrs of age I was launched in to the grown up world of working that was 1979.

Maybe then, I was young and naive and now I am just old and cynical [aka grumpy] and in this blog I have shown my contempt for today's crop of knobs...ach erm... I mean politicians.

I neither consider Margret Thatcher as good or bad for the UK, but for sure she was the last of the true statesmen[woman] of our modern political era.

Agree with her politics or disagree with her politics...but dance on her grave ? Oh my word how depraved, elements of our society have become.

She ceased to be our PM 23years ago and left active politics in 1992, and if people want to decry her method of politics, by all means decry...but for the person she is/was since her exit from politics, she deserves some reverence, or at least a modicum of respect.

I was thinking what would be a suitable song of the day..... I did initially think Elvis Costello [as i like his music], the Elvis Costello song, ship building....a song of the times...but then when I saw that Tramp down the dirt was by Elvis Costello, I thought perhaps not, and so as I drove into work this morning a song from a band who emerged into the world much as I did* in the 1980's the glory Thatcher years......

A more appropriate SoD me thinks....

*[ of course the smart ones among you, might have noticed that U2 have done slightly better than I could have hoped for in those intervening years.... ho um, hey oh....]