Thursday, 18 April 2013

the first rule of bei.......

.......being a ninja .....

The current news of the day, just seems to go from one sad story to the next, it's difficult not to keep seeing in your mind....... that picture of Martin Richard, his smiling face looking straight at you....

So I thought I'd move away from current news events and default to something different. 

I love pies, I love The Blue Nile and I love gadgets....but I also looooooove Myth Busters.... Myth Busters is like the bible of truth against the crup urban myths people perpetuate [on the basis that if they say it long enough and repeat it enough times on the internet, then it will be true]..... so along come the Myth Busters......

They are very keen on visiting myths about Ninja' they actually exist ? I often wondered .....and then came Russell Howard who once had a real life true one on his show.......although to be fair the bloke was an englishman dressed all in black who claimed to hide in bushes at night.....erm erm erm...... not my immediate pre-requiste of being a ninja I thought....

And then I saw this:  

Wanted: Suitable applicants for Ninja training

When I had been skimming across the BBC web news and looking at the 10 most read headlines, I saw this one:

ninjas heading for extinction

So I clicked on it and got this :

so you wanna be a ninja

It did get me thinking that maybe there is a reason Ninja's are "dying out"

But in these modern enlightened times do we really need Ninja's anymore ?

Plus Ninja's are essentially on the side of the righteous and meant to be good fighting evil ?

But imagine there you are, at say a London underground station and armed police are chasing a man through the barriers, so you think, this calls for a ninja....and so the ninja turns up...... all dressed in dark blue, head covered by bandana,  with only the eyes showing, and the ninja is armed to the providing the man being chased is not an un-armed Brazilian man simply running for a train, as he is late........... I reckon there is every chance the police will, stop chasing the man, and instead turn and shoot the ninja on sight.......... shoot him more than once as well !

So take my advice, don't apply for the job of Ninja, as it could be way way too risky.

There can only be one SoD for this: