Friday, 11 October 2013

Maria de Villota......

So it's Friday morning, and desert Island disc time again, and this time instead of my doctor being the reason for me was Jewsons fault this time....

And so I am listening to Carolyn McCall, the very intelligent and articulate CEO of Easyjet. But I did start to wonder if really Desert Island Discs is merely a narcissist charter. Truthfully, we are all narcissists to a greater or lesser extent, even blogging lends it's self very well to those of us suitably afflicted...... but on DiD the interviewees talk about their lives whilst the divine Kirsty blows smoke up their arses and then we get to listen to the personal taste of the interviewees music and if it matches ours...we gue.... oh yeah I agree, I like you...... and if it don't, our mind switches off....

Carolyn McCall is a very successful person and I like how she de-genders men by calling them blokes, she doesn't have to prove she is any male equal in the boardroom, she is clearly the boss.

There is no doubt that when her DNA was put into the blending tub, she got a very healthy smattering of cleverness [with only a teenie weenie dash of smugness that she got the xx chromosomes]..... you cannot but admire both her wit and wisdom and what she has made of her life..... she has many admirable traits.... but I was listening against the back drop of the just announced death of Maria de Villota.

You may not have heard of Maria but she offered up, and I think delivered many of the admirable traits that are exhibited by Carolyn McCall.........Maria was intelligent, smart, winning in a man's world, attractive, successful..... so listening to how successful Carolyn McCall was/is and yet Maria de Villota's life ended today at a mere 33 years old without the chance for her to achieve her full potential. On Monday she was due to promote her autobiography...... Life is a gift.

Now don't get me wrong, not for one second do I in any way denigrate Carolyn McCall for there is much to admire about her, but it's the contrast of 1 life good -vs- 1 life lost.

2 comparable women slightly overlapping generations, but for Maria De Villota it seems like there was her 360 degree sliding door moment last year.

She was on the cusp of breaking onto the front row grid of Formula One, a very male dominated world and then one day during a test drive at Duxford Airport, at the end of her run, for reasons which have never been identified her car ran straight into a stationery equipment truck.

She was lucky to survive, but she lost her right eye and with it her hopes of making big time in F1. I for one would have loved to have seen her race with the big boys and show them a thing or two.....but here we are little over a year later and she has left this world.... the cause of her death far too early for us observers to know.

I would have liked to think that Maria De Villota in some years to come, could have been on Desert Island Disc's telling us [in a narcissistic way] all the wondrous things in her the time she became the first woman world F1 champion in the bloke dominated world.


Be open to your dreams, people 
Embrace that distant shore 
Because our mortal journey is over all too soon