Wednesday, 2 October 2013

talking of ars......ach erm horses.....

.... I see that John McCririck seems to be making bit of a horse of him sen.....

Every time you hear him wittering on these last couple of days, he keeps banging on about how channel 4 fired him because of his age.... and that it is outrageous and he will fight on behalf of all those who are targeted by this particular .... ism

I'd like to think the BBC report was spot on [but who can tell these days] but assuming accuracy in the reporting of JM's comment:
McCririck admitted there had been plenty of complaints to Channel 4 about his behaviour, and accepted descriptions of him as "nasty, revolting, rude", "boorish", and "obnoxious and sexist".

But he added: "I was fully aware that Channel 4 approved of it because they kept on having me on their programmes."
So what JM hasn't yet worked out, is that by taking him off their programmes they no longer approved [tacitly or otherwise] of his "nasty, revolting, rude", "boorish", and "obnoxious and sexist" behaviour.

So McCririck was fired not because of his....... age......... but because his own admission..... he was/is {delete as appropriate} ..... nasty, revolting, rude, boorish, obnoxious and sexist in his behaviour.

I reckon John McCririck is odds on favorite to lose his case against Channel 4 et al. When will so called celebs learn..... control your behaviour .... it's not big and it's not clever....

Cue 2 great SoD

and they're under starters orders
it's neck and neck
oooh dear McCririck has fallen at the first hurdle
still not to worry
U2 and Icicle Works are romping home

for this one
usual rules
phone off
speakers on
full volume
hit it Ian